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#2021 RESET

  • Your opportunity to reset your:
  • Health
  • Weight
  • Energy
  • Mood
  • Focus
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition

It's time to hit RESET on your health. Get a fresh start for 2021 with the Meology™ Prove It Challenge™ + Free Shipping + Free Membership and 15% off all future orders.

Make this the year your wellness has the greatest comeback ever. (Results like or better than those described below) For more details see: pws.shaklee.com/creatingbetterhealthforhumanity


Scott W. I’m living proof that life can change in a blink of an eye. In June of 2018, I had a heart attack and was airlifted to a hospital for a 3-hour emergency surgery to open a 99.9% blockage. Ten months later, I was asked to participate in the Prove It Challenge pilot program. Although I had already made some necessary lifestyle changes, the Prove It Challenge jump-started my personal health. ... I've never seen such a WOW effect on people as the Prove It Challenge launch has had. ​ ​

Tarrah M I have a history of digestive issues, anxiety, exhaustion, moodiness, and skin blemishes. The same friend who introduced us to Shaklee suggested the Prove It Challenge as a way to get started. My husband and I accepted the Challenge. The results were phenomenal! ​ It's amazing what your body can do when you fuel it with the right nutrition. ​

​ Kevin Y I resonated most strongly with the "Prove It” part because I needed a health reset after a recent emergency surgery. ​ I started my Prove It Challenge in August and have lost over 20 lbs, but more importantly, I’m feeling better than I've felt in years.

​ Toni B I took the Prove It Challenge and stopped falling asleep at my desk every day around 3pm. I lost weight, feel great and sleep through the night now. I am more focused and have energy all day. My Life Shake replaced sugary breakfast meals which gave me more energy and too away cravings for more sweets. Even my golf and tennis game have improved because of the Prove It Challenge performance vitamins, minerals and protein. ​ ​

Tracy F I took the Prove It Challenge and my morning routine changed forever. Starting my days with the strip and shake fuels my body, not just fills it. It’s balanced my immune system, helped my digestive system, and give me mental clarity and energy every day. I can’t imagine not having this in my life. ​ ​

Monica Sue D Before the ‘Prove It Challenge’, I was experiencing sluggishness and swelling. After experiencing the ‘Prove It Challenge’ for 20+ days, I felt more energetic and empowered to change my life. That is why I recommend the ‘Prove It Challenge’ to everyone! ​ ​

William W ​ ​ In July I was unable to fit my tuxedo pants, with a 38" waist line. My fitness trainer measured my waist at 42". After the 7 day Prove it Challenge cleanse, I fit into my tuxedo pants with room to spare. And my blue jeans, size 36, fit with room to spare! After the 30 day Prove it Challenge, my clothes still fit very comfortably. And I went from 226 lbs to 214 lbs. I am feeling awesome and amazing, with a desire and determination to be even healthier! Thanks Shaklee Prove it Challenge and team! You're awesome! ​

​ ​ Rosemary W I started the Prove It Challenge on August 12th along with 8 others in my group. My husband and I had done the cleanse a year ago and again in January 2019. Because I am a type 2 diabetic, I did a Life Shake twice daily. For the last couple of years my blood sugar has been pretty out of control. My last A1C (a test I take every 3 months) was 8.8 - nowhere close to acceptable. My doctor had begun to talk to me about adding a 4th medication or starting me on insulin - neither did I want to do. So, I tackled the 30-day challenge with renewed motivation and stuck to the plan. Since I completed the program, I have stayed pretty close to the same eating plan - no sugar, almost no flour, no grains or bread and not even any legumes for now. I’m happy to say that my numbers are continuing to come down. Before the Challenge I was having trouble getting my numbers down to 200. Since September 1st I have been under 200, averaging 178 on my daily test. I’m actually looking forward to my next A1C test. I have a way to go but I’m on target to better health. I’m becoming living proof - thanks to Shaklee’s Prove It Challenge.

​ ​ Kristen J I feel so much more control over my health!

​ ​ Jen W I took the Prove It Challenge and it simplified my routine. It is a simple habit that created a ripple effect in my health. Josef M: After experiencing the “Prove It Challenge” for 20 + days – I am feeling great and my co-workers have “noticed” – it is helping me to present “challenge” to them. ​ ​

​ Caroline My energy returned and I no longer felt the need for naps and caffeine. I am so thankful for what the Prove It Challenge meant to me and my family. I’m a better mom and a better wife because of Shaklee.

​ ​ Elizabeth G I took the Prove It Challenge and everything changed for me.I feel healthier, more energetic, more balanced. My life is so busy I can’t imagine how I’d function without a quick strip and shake to fuel my day. ​

​ Dana I took the Prove It Challenge and now cannot go a day without my strip and shake. I love the energy I feel which has eliminated the afternoon slump. The digestive enzymes in the shake has eliminated the digestive discomfort I used to feel after meals. I feel awesome!!! ​ ​

Christie V I took the Prove It Challenge and as a competitive crossfit athlete, I have relied on this essential nutrition daily! As a 48-year-old mom of 4, I feel stronger, healthier and more fit than ever. I’m thankful for Shaklee. ​ ​

Caroline I took the Prove It Challenge and couldn’t believe how great I felt in such a short time! My baby was waking up 6-7 times a night and I was absolutely exhausted. Once starting the Prove It Challenge, I felt better almost immediately. My baby continued with her poor sleep for many months, but I keep feeling better and better. ​ ​

Alyson C I took the Prove It Challenge and now everyone calls me the Energizer Bunny! I can’t believe how happy and energized I am from the time I wakeup, thru the day and into the evening. My energy never wavers, I have clearer thinking and continue to work out, run 3 businesses and manage it all without slowing down at the age of 60! ​

​ Jim C: Before the ‘Prove It Challenge’, I was experiencing running out of energy in the late afternoon and not sleeping well through the night. After experiencing the ‘Prove It Challenge’ for 20+ days, I am feeling better than I thought I could, which is remarkable because I already felt better than any 80 year-old I know. I have energy into the evening and sleep much better. ​ ​

​ Carol C: Before the ‘Prove It Challenge’, I was experiencing bloating and feeling toxic. After experiencing the ‘Prove It Challenge’ for 20+ days, I feel lighter and I can get 2 of the 3 rings I normally wear on & off!!! (1 is 40 years old and a lot smaller) That is why I recommend the ‘Prove It Challenge’ to everyone! ​ ​

​ Stan C: Looking to improve my over health with the Vitalizing Plan, Prove It Challenge. I feel it has helped me feel better, have more energy and overall better health. I would recommend the plan without question for its quality and results. ​

​ Pat M: Before the ‘Prove It Challenge’, I was experiencing tiredness. After experiencing the ‘Prove It Challenge’ for 20+ days, I felt more energy then I have had in the last 10 years. That is why I recommend the ‘Prove It Challenge’ to everyone!

​ ​ Linda H: Before the ‘Prove It Challenge’, I was experiencing some afternoon fatigue, trouble sleeping. After experiencing the ‘Prove It Challenge’ for 20+ days, I felt more energy in the afternoons, and also a little better with sleep. That is why I recommend the ‘Prove It Challenge’ to everyone! ​

​ John B: I needed more energy, dealing with digestive issues and stiff joints before I took the Prove It Challenge. After taking the Challenge, I had more energy, improved digestion and felt better. I think the cleanse/detox portion was especially beneficial, particularly the pro-biotics. It was a very positive experience and well worth it. ​

​ Lula P: After using Vitalizer and Life Shake (Prove It Challenge), I have stronger back muscles with less lower back pain and no longer have headaches. ​ ​ James K: My Prove It Challenge was a success and not as extreme as I thought it might be. I felt it did “reset” my system and I could tell a real difference. I have recommended it to other people. ​ ​

Melissa C: Before the Prove It Challenge, I was experiencing low energy and craving carbohydrates and high fat foods. After experiencing the Prove It Challenge for 20+ days, I felt more energetic, like I was lighter on my feet, better rested after sleeping. That is why I recommend the Prove It Challenge to everyone. ​ ​

Anyone can have similar life improvements without financial risk! ​ Take the Challenge, it’s guaranteed!