Hi. ​ Thank you for visiting our website. ​ Now, more than ever before, people are investing in their health & immune systems. ​ We would like to share with you how Shaklee has impacted our lives.For many years, I suffered from severe allergies, asthma, PMS, digestion problems and a weak immune system. ​ Every time I came down with a cold, I would have to take antibiotics and prednisone to regain my health. I had developed an auto-immune disorder called Stills. This is a form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which caused rashes, fevers and horrible inflammation throughout my entire body. ​ Refusing to accept that I had this disease, I sought help from a Naturopathic MD who determined that Stills was only a symptom of my real problem. He discovered that I actually had an intestinal permeability disorder called "Leaky Gut". ​ He explained to me how over the years, that by taking so much medication, I had damaged my intestinal lining to the degree that it was leaking toxins back into my body. Immediately I changed my diet, began a nutritional supplement program with Shaklee products and furthered my education on improving my health through proper nutrition. ​ After several months, I not only repaired my intestinal lining, but continued to improve my overall health. ​ I am now free of not only Stills disease, but show no signs of asthma or allergies. ​ On top of that, I seldom ever catch a cold, and no longer suffer from PMS!Louis & I have raised 3 strong healthy sons, ages 33, 32, & 27, who have also benefited from Shaklee supplements. ​ In addition, we have 2 grandchildren, ages 4 & almost 2. ​ We have converted our home into a safe, toxin free, GREEN environment ​ with Shaklee's Get Clean products. Not only do we enjoy living allergy free lives, but we also feel good by doing our part to improve our environment for a safer and healthier tomorrow. We have now built a large organization and like to help others to do the same, by sharing health and the tools to build a group in order to either help or replace one's income. ​ Our Shaklee business has allowed me to stay home over the years and not have the stress and demands of a conventional job. So, ​ whether you ​ are looking for better health, or a way to supplement or replace your income, we can show you how Shaklee can benefit you!​ Hope to hear from you soon!Not sure where to start? ​ Please feel free to contact me or take the short Shaklee Healthprint Assessment. It's easy & not only gives you great health information, but also offers some great specials designed just for you!