Want a More Vibrant, Vital Lifestyle? Hi! My name is Laura Penfold and I want to share my story with you about how, and more importantly, why Shaklee.

I was introduced to Shaklee through Mary Ann Hayes, a distributor that I met in BNI (a business networking group that we belong to). Mary Ann was offering free mini-facials in order to introduce people to the Shaklee line of Youth products, so I decided to take her up on it. I was so pleased with the results of the mini facial that I made an appointment for a full facial with Mary Ann. The results were immediately visible and amazing - so much so that I became a member and ordered the Youth regimen. I continue to have Mary Ann do full facials, but I also follow Shaklee's Youth regimen on a daily basis. The difference in the look and feel of my skin is amazing.

Several months later I borrowed Mary Ann's Basic H2 to clean the "dog art" off my windshield. It worked so well that I decided to jump from member to distributor by purchasing Shaklee's Go Green cleaning products. I already knew how well the Basic H2 worked, but having dealt with various products within a line, was skeptical that the balance of the products would live up to my expectations. I was wrong. Not only does their H2 cleaner handle cleaning jobs quickly and beautifully, but every product in their Go Green line works just as well. I even used the Basic H2 to rinse the shampoo off my dog when I gave her a bath. It cut through and removed the shampoo quickly, but more important, I did not have to worry about her getting sick if she accidentally swallowed some. When she dried, her hair was soft and did not mat up the way it usually does. A win-win situation for both Marti and Mommy!

I was hooked on yet another phenomenal range of Shaklee products.

Well - that's my story so far. I am still learning about and trying Shaklee products - the more I learn, the more I use, and I will continue to update this page as I go.

Thanks for visiting with me. I am here to help you live and look younger longer. Not sure where to start? Contact me, or take the Shaklee Healthprint Quiz.