Welcome! We are here to help you live a THRIVING life! ​ ​ ​

Who We Are

Hi! We are honored that you decided to find out more about us and why we are so grateful we made the decision to align our desire to create change in the world, one person at a time, with Shaklee’s mission to create healthier lives. ​

We originally chose Shaklee because of the vitality the products brought to our life! We’d searched extensively for solutions to support our active lifestyle and some health issues, but with no success. Then we were introduced to The Shaklee Difference (Always Safe, Proven & Guaranteed) and the history to back up the efficacy of the products and we haven’t looked back. We shared Shaklee with so many around us that we eventually chose to build a business here because we recognized Shaklee’s ability to empower us to continue to learn, and now live, a life within our values of having an integrated life between faith, family and business. The rich history and integrity of Shaklee appealed to us as something that is often not found in this industry, and yet was a non-negotiable for us in order to know we were bringing the best to market for those whose health needs we are privileged to help meet.

Shaklee has allowed us to compound our contribution in the world as we live and serve in the communities that give us life and energy.

We believe that health is not a badge of honor or reason to be prideful, but it is a gift and resource to be managed well in order to support the unique and world-changing callings on a person’s life…whether that world is under your own roof, across town or around the globe. To that end, we are excited to be part of your journey! You can count on us!

Our Team

We are grateful to partner with a growing team of men and women who are committed to CONTRIBUTION. We work hard to provide systems, training and coaching to empower our team to create healthier lives and build strong teams. We believe that our success is only equal to our contribution. ​


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