Hi! ​ My name is Leslie Tabor. I was introduced to Shaklee many years ago and started using the products with the goal of improving my family’s health. My young son had suffered with migraines and a friend suggested we remove toxic cleaning products from our home which proved to be successful. ​ Recognizing how truly amazing the products were, and seeing the benefits firsthand I began sharing with my friends and family.

At the time being a single income home-schooling family with five growing boys was a challenge, and over the years I looked for ways to bring extra money into our home and Shaklee again was the answer. ​ I started my business, Tabor Health Solutions, with a new focus of helping those around me achieve their health goals and live better lives too.

Today, I desire to share my passion for living a balanced lifestyle including Shaklee products with you and help you to achieve your life changing health goals.  I really believe that Changing brands can change your life, and that Shaklee products offer a difference in health and nutrition that cannot be found anywhere else.  The research that backs the products, and guarantee that they are always safe for our families and for the environment, gives me the peace of mind to trust the company and love the products.  I continue to see the amazing health benefits of using Shaklee products, and hope that I can share them with you.​ ​

I love finding new friends!  Feel free to reach out with any questions you have. 

​ Let's Connect!

-Leslie Tabor