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After discovering and being wowed by the benefits of the Shaklee, I knew I had to share. ​ For me, Shaklee​ is a vehicle to help others create healthier lives both physically and financially.
Sharing​ Shaklee​ for me is in all facets of my life. From the friend who complains they are too tired to keep up……the Family member who just wants to stop getting colds all the time; the acquaintance who needs more information to make an informed decision on their health; the sports enthusiast who wants to improve their game! or the stranger who wants a proven nutritional ​ supplement ​ in this world of overwhelming information of what it takes to be healthy. Yes also for the many individuals who want the freedom of a successful home based business partnered with a global company celebrating 100 years of product innovation.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Every time I chose a Shaklee product for my daily health regime, the words ‘Thank you’ are always uttered: With a sigh of relief and trust to know I am using the proven best.I thank Dr. Forest C. Shaklee for his visionary courage to start his Wellness Company over sixty three years ago.I also thank our CEO, Roger Barnett for carrying on Dr. Forest Shaklee's legacy of integrity and product innovation for a healthier planet.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ I believe everyone at any age should have a feeling of 'Well Being".
Looking Forward to Sharing Shaklee with You.