Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. ​ Welcome to The Health Beat. ​ I represent Shaklee Corporation, a 67- year Legacy Company in Health, Nutrition & Wellness. ​ I discovered Shaklee 19 years ago when I had my own health crisis and couldn't take the prescription medications given me due to the side effects. ​ I am managing it well with Shaklee's all I received excellent results with the regime of vitamins and lifestyle changes that I am no longer on prescription drugs. Prevention and maintenance are very important for me as well as the research, development, continued education and proven science component of all Shaklee products. ​ MeOlogy is the latest technology which makes your ​ health regime customizable and accurate. ​ Take a few minutes 5-7 minutes and take the FREE MeOlogy Health Questionnaire. ​ There is no obligation to purchase anything. ​ This will give you a baseline of where you are in your health now and how you can improve and prevent some of the disease process. Of course I am available to walk you through every step of your health journey. ​ Learn for yourself what makes the partnership of The Health Beat & Shaklee Corporation so special and a Wellness Legacy Company in nutrition. ​ Contact me 806-438-2125 or susie@susieshealthbeat.com