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Our mission is to bloom along side women entrepreneurs. We work with faith filled women who enjoy sharing healthy living tips and increasing financial independence.

Now that is a Sassy lifestyle full of fun, fit, fruitful & family.

I would like to share with you how my outlook has changed dramatically with fitness, nutrition, the environment community, collaboration and being beyond financially abundant.

Over 24 years ago my energy, moods, eating habits and fear of never having enough money were pulling me down. The owners of the Ridgefield tennis and gym club I belonged to recommended I try the products they were using. Oh my gosh, I felt so much better. My moods improved, I was actually having people over and had tons of energy at the end of the day for my 4 kids, dogs and husband.

People started noticing the difference and asked me what was I doing that was different?

So, I started recommending the products to people and the Company paid me for my referrals. I get paid every month as long as people continue to use the products. The average customer so far stays on the products for 11 years…..there are some that have been using them for 50 years. Oprah even did a show dedicated to these products.

This kind of income….where I get paid virtually for life is what we really need for the kind of peace and freedom we want. I could move away from the beliefs I grew up with that the "man" was supposed to be the top income earner.

This have been amazing for me and my family.

My request is would you honor me with 20 minutes to tell you what I have experienced and see if you like what you hear. If not no big deal. What’s important is you may know someone who this could be lifesaving for like it has been for us.

So please contact me to hear my experience or for some guidance on what products will be most effective for you.

God Bless, Suzie