Hi! ​ My name is Diane and I am a Soroptimist and a Shaklee user. ​ ​ The side by side picture is the healthier me now compared to pre-Shaklee.

My Shaklee story began with a partnership to raise funds to improve the lives of women through programs leading to social and economic improvement. ​ There was a shared goal to empower women and girls through education. ​

My Shaklee journey began with completion of the HealthPrint (access through the web site) and the subsequent discussion with Shaklee Director and Soroptimist member, Lisa Heurich. ​ She helped me analyze labels and compare to specific dietary needs because of serious health conditions. ​ After discussing with my doctors, I began with the shakes and energizing teas. ​ Twenty-four weeks later, I was down twenty four pounds; my cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure readings had improved plus my medications were reduced and in some cases eliminated. ​ Please complete the HealthPrint and reach out to Lisa at www.heurichs.myshaklee.com . ​ Help fund the educational awards for women - Live Your Dream , the Dream It, Be It mentoring program and the Wagner Education Award while working toward a healthier you.

​ ​ ​ Take the .