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Over 30 years ago a friend introduced us to a company called Shaklee. ​ I had never heard of the company, although they have been around since 1956, over 100 years now. I was told we could trust the research, the philosophy, and the products. ​
Although i did not understand all I was told, i could see the big picture. ​ What if these products made from nature did help our health and our well being. ​ What if I shared with others and the company did pay me for helping . ​ Thank goodness I went with the big picture. ​ Today we truly have helped ourselves and hundreds of others, physically and financially. ​ The company continues to pay me for this.

You are welcome to choose your big picture, physical health, with the addition, if you so desire, a stream of income

My mission is to make a positive difference in another persons life. ​ Will it be you? ​



My Team

One of the great things about Shaklee is that I get to work with some amazing people…my friends. I love making new friends, around the world

But there is a common denominator…we’re all guided by some key principles:

  • WE​ do what’s right.
  • WE see the big picture.
  • WE recycle.
  • WE are coach-able.
  • WE keep it real.
  • WE see beyond obstacles.
  • WE put “we” above “me.”
  • WE help others which means we help ourselves.

The Environment

Shaklee's philosophy, "In Harmony with Nature and Good health " is something that remains a strong concept in the company. ​ The GET CLEAN products are "Always Safe, Always Green and ​ Always work." ​ Shaklee was green before anyone knew what "Green" stood for.

Taking care of our land and our "furry friends" only comes natural when we think health; health for our planet and each of us. Shaklee's 100 years of existence has helped and will always help.

Dr Shaklee believed in working with nature, not destroying it. ​ It is a good path to follow. ​




Let's talk.


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When we start something new, something of whicfh we have a little bit if knowledge, sometimes it is good to start with Basics. ​ May i suggest one start with the Healthprint which ​ guides one to the basics. ​ And then we can learn a little bit at a time, adding ​ more as we need more targeted products. ​ It has been said the world would all be healthier with just a good multi vitamin. In Harmony with Nature and Good Health. ​ Browse around or if you want some help, I started using Shaklee 30 years ago. ​ i might have a suggestion.


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SEE THE BIG PICTURE!!. ​ ​ ​ That is what helped me when I was introduced to Shaklee. ​ I could see how the products could help me as well as my family and others. ​ But I was a bit frightened concerning the "business". ​ After all i was a stay at home mom, what did I know about 'business", though running a household and a family is definitely a business.

BUT... I thought what IF! ​ What IF this really did work!! ​ What if I started using the products and then... (who doesn't share a good book.) ​ I can share with others what Shaklee has done for me. ​ That is what is it. ​ Redirecting spending, buying from me/ my company and helping others redirect and use good products. ​ "What if", not only would I feel better, but I would be paid for using the products. ​ AND for sharing the products.!! ​ And I could create a future retirement income for me and my husband.

As our CEO Roger Barnett said at a Shaklee convention one time... don't worry about it, just keep on keeping on and sharing and using the products. ​ We will continue to send you a check. ​ AND , by golly, it worked!!! ​ ​ If I need something, personally, or for the household, or for ​ GIFT, I always ask myself, do I/Shaklee have something like it, only it is safe and works better. ​ Yes, is usually the answer. ​ Thus, I continue to always think and use Shaklee products.

You can too. ​ It is not "rocket science" as someone used to say. ​ Just continue to move forward. ​

There are so many places to learn about the Shaklee products and the business end of it too. ​ We are NOT alone in this endeavor. ​ Wont you come along with me. ​ We can be great partners iF you wish. ​ It is all your choice. ​ I do not push, pull, nag ​ or drag, but I certainly do encourage and help if it is desired.

Take the first step and each step will move your forward. But it all begins with the first step, learn to use the products and why you want to do it.


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