Welcome to our Shaklee Family,

My wife and I have eight wonderful healthy children who have been raised on Shaklee they are third generation Shaklee users. One of the benefits of a Shaklee household is that we never needed to lock up our cleaning products because every product is always SAFE, ALWAYS GREEN from the beginning, and truly always WORKS! When my oldest daughter was four years old, she accidentally splashed some of the Basic G (Shaklee's germicide) into her eye. My wife took her to the eye doctor immediately! The doctor was very worried because it was a disinfectant, but when Heidi showed him the Shaklee label, he responded that if there was a disinfectant to put into a baby's eye that was it. He said a couple of days of irritation and no long-term effect. She has perfect vision to this day and is in her 20's.

My friends at work were always running their children into the doctor for this or that. With our family of 8, there has never been one case of strep throat, sinus infection, ear infection, or need of an anti-bionic. This is almost impossible in America, yet with Shaklee family, it is the norm.

Our sixth daughter Catherine was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years of age. At four years she was specifically diagnosed with Rhett Syndrome. She was allergic to all dairy, wheat, eggs and acidic foods. By putting her on a high Shaklee supplement regimen we were able to change her allergic response in just over a year. She was re-tested and showed no allergies to anything. She is physically a Shaklee miracle when she should be a vegetable in a wheelchair. What does that mean? - She walks up and down stairs and with assistance she can feed herself, ski, roller blade, and skate, which no Rhett's girl is supposed to do!

My wife and I have been with Shaklee over twenty years. Heidi's parents are Lifetime Master Coordinators; but it took Catherine to show us that Shaklee is incredibly unique! As Joyce Hoffman stated on one of the Shaklee CDs, "If you know what Shaklee can do to help others and you do not share it, you are selfish." My life has been significantly changed since our Shaklee business has allowed me to retire as a corporate manager to do Shaklee and enjoy the freedom of running our own business! And now our adult children are also experiencing the freedom of having their own businesses.

We are here to help you reach your optimal health and financial freedom and in doing so, will help make a positive difference in the lives of many people worldwide!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Sincerely, Dave and Heidi Carlstedt