Feel amazing in
30 days – guaranteed

Accept the #ProveItChallenge and feel healthier, more energized, more focused, and ready for anything.

Ready, set, cleanse

DAYS 1–7
Start with a 7-Day Healthy Cleanse to completely reset your system.

A strip and shake a day

DAYS 8–30
Adopt a daily nutrition routine: replace one meal with a Life Shake™ and take a Vitalizer™ strip for clinically backed vitamins, minerals and protein.

Keep feeling amazing

Make health and nutrition a priority by keeping up your routine every day and get rewarded for sharing with others.

You prove it.
We guarantee it.

If we haven’t made a believer out of you in 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund, even if the container is empty. No questions asked.

Just 30 days to radically change the way you feel.

Meet the living proof

Here are a few of the millions of people who proved they can live healthier lives through Shaklee.

Join them and become the living proof yourself.

“With the Healthy Cleanse I had more energy, focus and slept like a baby!”

Ernie Rodriguez

“As a busy mom, Vitalizer™ ​ and Life Shake™ ​ provide the energy I need to keep up with my kids.”

Heather Alix

Radically change the way you feel

Prove it. Live it. Share it.

Want to Make a Living Out of Being Living Proof?

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