Proven by Science

In clinical studies conducted in 2017-18 by Dr. Wayne Westcott, a leading Nutrition Researcher from Quincy College, Shaklee 180 Program was clinically proven:
To lose the weight and keep it off​ & To help retain lean muscle*

lose the weight.Keep it off.​ Retain lean muscle.

Typical Diets

Shaklee 180 with Leucine

Powered by Leucine®

Leucine is the best, most effective branched chain amino acid used in the biosynthesis of proteins. ​ Helps you:

Build lean muscle ​ | ​ Burn fat
Improve metabolism ​ |Reduce cravings

More muscle means a stronger,
leaner-looking you.

Myth of the scale

Why you can’t always trust the numbers
You hit the gym and eat healthy regularly, yet the scale is barely moving! What’s the deal?! Don’t fret too much. Real changes happen over weeks and months (not hours and days), so let your favorite pair of jeans be your guide to gauging real progress.

The best kind of weight loss is when you’re losing fat and keeping muscle—you’re getting leaner and losing inches, which means your clothing size may shrink at a greater rate than your weight— which is what you really want!

Keeping muscle also keeps your metabolism strong—which means you’re less likely to gain the weight back.

The Landmark Study

People who use Shaklee supplements
had double-digit better biomarkers
of heart, brain, and cognitive health vs. those who used no supplements.

100+ Published Scientific
Papers and Presentations

Our products are backed by 100+ published scientific papers and presentations that show they make a difference in your health.

100+ Patented Products

Shaklee products are
backed by 100+ patents.

Proven by People

Shaklee 180® Success Stories


I feel better than ever and I have more energy than I ever could imagine!


A complete turnaround with Shaklee 180®​ – From being too tired to being a CrossFit Fitness Trainer

Amber & Jeff

The change we have experienced is priceless. This program has helped us become a better us

​ Results and experiences from the Shaklee 180 Program are unique for each person. So results may vary. People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180 Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. The Wescott weight loss study consisted of six months of weight loss, including replacing two meals a day with Life Shake, 40 min of exercise 2 times per week, and calorie targets, and six months of maintenance, including one Life Shake per day, 20 min of exercise twice a week and no calorie targets

*​ Westcott W, Colligan A, Puhala K, Lannutti K, La Rosa Loud R, Vallier S. Journal of Exercise Physiology Online. 2017 Feb 1;20(1).

Westcott W, Colligan A, Lannutti K, La Rosa Loud R, Vallier S. Effects of Resistance Exercise and Protein on Body Composition Following Weight Loss. Journal of Clinical Exercise and Physiology 2018;7(2):25-32

**​ Based on cumulative sales of Shaklee 180 shakes and the expected average weight loss