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​ ​ My name is (George) Scott Hasselmann and my wife's name is Nena. ​ The picture of my wife, two children and I was taken on our family farm in Marengo IL. My mother and father are Barb and George Hasselmann. ​ My mother Barb passed away in September of 2012. ​ She lost a valiant fight to cancer and she is missed everyday. ​ My mother began using Shaklee products back in 1979 and also started her own Shaklee business along with my father George since she was so impressed with the products offered. The business has now been passed on to my wife Nena and I.

Please read on about my mother and father's Shaklee story and her Shaklee experience (written by Barb in 2011).

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Scott & Nena Hasselmann dba Hasselmann Inc. 23706 Harmony Rd. Marengo, IL ​ 60152

(815) 572-4833

email: hasselmanninc@gmail.com


​ https://pws.shaklee.com/scottnenahasselmann

​ ​ ​ "In 1979 we started our business to create an additional income so I could be at home with our son Scott who was 5 years old. With my background as a teacher, we saw the exciting income potential of becoming a Shaklee "Coach" - helping others to develop their own home-based business. What a great adventure it has been - having the freedom to work from home, create a valuable income, make a difference in other people's lives, and find positive, fun friends. ​ Every day is different - We love being able to golf on Thursdays when others are working. And the Shaklee rewards of cash, cars, and trips have been great! ​ The picture of George and I was taken at the Waikoloa Village on the Big Island of Hawaii on the 2008 Star Achievers' Trip. ​ We enjoy travel and our family while having our Shaklee business. ​ ​ Our President and CEO Roger Barnett continues to challenge us to new goals and adventures with Shaklee. ​ We continue to challenge others to better health and freedom with Shaklee. ​ ​ We want to show you how you can shape your future also with Shaklee, a company with integrity, longevity and exciting plans for the future."

​ ​ -Barb Hasselmann