Welcome and thanks for visiting! We are Bill and Pam Lawless and it's our mission to connect you with choices that help you live a healthier life, and a better one. Please let us know if we can assist you, in any way!

We were first introduced to Shaklee in 1981 by a friend that Pam had gone to School with. We didn’t really see the need for vitamins and nutritional supplements at that time. We were in our early 20’s and we weren’t sick and didn’t really know anyone that we would have called sick. We did however, like the Basic H, and began using it regularly.As time passed we began to learn more and more about nutrition and the need to supplement our diets. Though we never had very much money to put toward the purchase of Shaklee products we began to make sure that our children had the vitamins and nutrition they needed as they were growing up.In 2005, I (Bill) had a heart attack and it was then that we began to see the need to not only eat right and exercise, but also how important it was to start looking at nutritional supplementation much more seriously. That’s when we began to discover Shaklee’s commitment to purity in everything that they put on the market.Shaklee is on the cutting edge of health science and that is one of the things that make it such a great company. The testimonies we have heard and results we have seen in our own lives and the lives of others is what motivates our passion to be a part of this movement toward optimal health.We love the opportunity we have, to share with other people how they can have optimal health in their own lives. With products like; Shaklee’s Nutritional Supplements, great “Get Clean” cleaning products, like Basic H (which Dr. Forrest Shaklee developed, as the first Non-Toxic, bio-degradable cleaner on the market), their Weight Management product “Shaklee 180”, or even their personal care products like “Enfuselle”. These Shaklee Products are always safe, always work and are always green.We have been on our life journey with Shaklee now for 31 years. We have learned much more about being healthy and the need for prevention then we knew when we started. Dr. Forrest Shaklee, founder of this great company once said, “If you give the body what it needs, it will meet the demands you make of it.” That’s what we’re doing, and we want to help others discover how to do the same.Recently, we started a new Journey on the Shaklee 180 Weight Management ourselves. In less than 6 months, I (Bill) lost 50 lbs and more than 4 inches around my waist, and Pam lost 25 lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 6. We both feel even better than before.

These are stories of some of our clients, customers,friends and family who have experienced the difference of Shaklee:No one ever expects to hear that your child has cancer. Then again something as rare as DIPG is so far from human radar that no matter who you are, hearing the words is like getting hit with a sledgehammer. Repeatedly. DIPG is Diffuse Intrensic Pontine Brainstem Glioma. I know, that meant nothing either. It’s a cancer that raps itself around the brainstem and takes away their ability to function, while they are aware that they rapidly loosing function. This monster attacks children from 3-11 year mostly. Mine was 15. We where told that Heather would have 3-9 months to live. Less then 10% of the diagnosed children live 18 months.Immediately we began to use Vivix 4x per day, nutriferon 4 tabs per day, vita D3 3,000 units, Vitalizer, 180 Smoothee, 4 osteomatrix, 3optiflora, GLA and fish oil. I have a reason for all things done.I found 6,800 reasons to keep my daughter on the Vivix as planned. The reasons where found in 6,800 clinical studies on Resveratrol alone. Vivix is Resveratrol with polyphenols that make it 10 times stronger then Resveratrol. Have you ever thought of taking your Vivixin Communion? We do, 4x per day to remind us Jesus heals.Heather had 33 rounds of radiation with 66 doses of chemotherapy in 6 weeks. She had a 4week resting period. The doctors said she would have a great deal of swelling. She had none. They said the tumor might grow. She had a 45% reduction in the length of the tumor and 26% reduction in width of the tumor. There where no “fingers” of the tumor running through her brain.We began the part 2 of the clinical study. Chemo in the morning, two types in the evening. Heather continued to work out, be with friends,go on Youth Events. Our Shaklee regimen gave her strength to enjoy life. I learned to manage her stomach issues so that months 2 & 3where easier to handle during “chemo week”. Unfortunately, we where not able to get Heather to have more then 1 smoothee per day. The protein smoothees have helped others keep their platelets up during chemo. Heather is far more active then most. She showed no signs that her platelets where at 17,000. She had an emergency infusion. Her platelets needed to be at 240,000, at least 70,000 to keep on the study. The next month was more of the same. She was removed from the study because her platelets dropped to 7,000.Heather has had no other clinical trials since that day other then hersupplements. May 22, 2014 after MRI, we where told by her Lead Oncologist that Heather has only scar tissue and dead cellsremaining.I am not telling you that we have the cure for cancer. I am telling you that we have Jesus for that. We did however use Shaklee in our journey with remarkable results. Heather’s Oncology team said not to stop our regimen, it’s working. Beth Serafin, Shaklee Director, Indiana ********************************************************************************************************** In September of 1994 I suffered a Heart Attack, and I have been a HEART PATIENT ever since. Up until recently it has seemed as though I was fighting a losing battle with my health. Along with the Heart Attack I have suffered with PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASE, ATHEROSCLEROSIS, AND HEART DISEASE. As a result I have had to have Angioplasty, followed by Arterial Stents, which eventually led to major By-Pass Surgery in 2005. During this same time the Arteries in my left leg became blocked as well, and I also had to have Angioplasty on it in order to open up the Arteries. As is the case, the Angioplasty only lasted a short time before I began experiencing the symptoms all over again. The pain was so unbearable that I could hardly walk any distance at all. With that I mean 100 feet.In 2012 the pain in my leg was so bad that I told my Cardiologist that it was time to do something about it, so we began to plan for more Angioplasty and in all probability it would lead to by-pass in my leg.It was about this time that Bill and Pam Lawless invited Judy and I to listen to a Shaklee Introduction. I told them I wasn’t interested but that I would allow them to share it with us anyway. After hearing about this company and being truly impressed by all the stories of how people were having their health turned around with these products, that Judy and I decided to give Shaklee a try, and are we glad we did. In October we started with the Shaklee 180 Turn Around and almost immediately started to see a difference. It was less than 6 weeks after we started, that Judy and I were helping to pass out advertisement for a Thanksgiving Dinner in our community, when I realized I had been walking all day without any pain. So I cancelled the procedure with my Cardiologist and today, well over a year later, I feel better than I have in a very long time and I still have no pain in my leg. THANK "GOD" FOR SHAKLEE. Just recently, my doctor told me that if my health kept improving, he would have to start taking me off my medicines. Imagine that?Jim Hamilton - Indiana***********************************************************************************************I am feeling so good. I can't believe it. I did not realize how my energy was depleted. Of course, bear in mind I have not had caffeine for 3 + years. I am now drinking the 180 energy tea, taking the Shaklee iron supplements and the 180 metabolic boost. There is a remarkable difference. I have been so busy, and preoccupied I was only doing part of the 180 plan, but this week I have been following it, except I still have not gotten into the exercise yet. I truly feel like I could run through a troop and jump over a wall. Praise be to God for he is the giver of all good things. I'm thankful that he dropped this plan into someone's spirit to produce. There is so much God has for us, it's just waiting to be discovered from His storehouse of provisions! Ann Hinkley-Milton, WV *******************************************************************************************************

Our Team

One of the great things about Shaklee is that we get to work with some amazing people…our friends! They’re people from all walks of life – some used to work in Corporate America, others work from home. Still others work in the public sector and do their Shaklee business on the side.

But there is a common denominator…we’re all guided by some key principles:

  • WE do what’s right.
  • WE see the big picture.
  • WE recycle.
  • WE are coachable.
  • WE keep it real.
  • WE see beyond obstacles.
  • WE put “we” above “me.”
  • WE succeed by dedicating ourselves to the dreams of others.
  • WE love helping you become the person you were born to be.

Our Trips

Like a lot of people, we decided to build a business with Shaklee because we love the products. It’s easy for us to share something we already love with others. Why not get paid to do it, right? And once we got started, we learned that if we put in the effort, we could earn INCREDIBLE trips on top of the cash bonuses we make.

So far we have been to San Francisco with Shaklee, and we look forward to them taking us around the world! Places like Paris, Bali, and Tuscany just to name a few. They’ve also treated their people to stays in some of the most fabulous beach-side resorts in Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean. And when you travel with Shaklee, it’s always five-star. Dream destinations with experiences usually reserved for the rich and famous.

The only thing that tops going on a Shaklee trip? Will be bringing someone else along! Want to go with us on Shaklee’s next trip? Let's talk.


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