Rosalie & Ken Ingle and Debbie McGregor's Shaklee website. ​ Contact us at 916-728-6703. ​ Serving the Sacramento/Roseville/Citrus Heights area. ​ A Family Business. ​ Our daughter, Susan Kellogg, and her daughter, Brittney Cutts, are also helping others live a healthy life with Shaklee.

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Hi, welcome to Rosalie, Ken, and Debbie's Shaklee website. ​

Thanks for visiting. ​ We are here to help you live and look younger longer. ​ ​ ​

No matter where you start with nutrition, remember the Shaklee non-toxic, natural cleaners. ​ They DO save you money and work and time. ​ And right now it is even more important to build your immune system. ​ Start with Nutriferon (Shaklee's patented immune product) and Vita Lea. ​ Add a Life Shake for a good, clean protein source. ​ Then call me for more help.

Shaklee's newest products are: ​ Triple Defense Boost, Super Immunity Gummies for the kids, Elderberry Life Shake (sold out), Turmeric, Elderberry Energy Tea and all new 250 mg Vitamin C. ​ Look them up on this site or contact us for more information. ​ Shaklee also has a fantastic Hand Sanitizer that you will love. ​

A Little History:

The Shaklee Corporation goes back to 1915 when Dr. Forest Shaklee first started his research into what keeps a person healthy. After retiring from his practice, Dr. Shaklee and his two sons started the Shaklee Company in 1956 with his Vitalized Minerals - now known as Vita-Lea. ​ The three of them developed ​ the idea of multi-level marketing where someone who used the products could introduce them to their friends and benefit from their continued use. ​ That was over 64 years ago and the company is still flourishing as the leading all-natural food supplement company in the United States (no brag-just fact). ​

Ken and Rosalie joined Shaklee in 1972, over 49 years ago. ​ It was my idea since I was looking for a great company to partner with that would give me something great to do after I retired from my full-time job. ​

Little did I think that I would earn close to $1Million working part time talking about something I truly love. ​

Now, I’m wondering who I have not talked to about the Shaklee Opportunity. ​ If you would like to learn more, I invite you to watch this short video with the Shaklee CEO, Roger Barnett, explaining why the time for you to join Shaklee might be NOW. ​

Some great reasons (beside the best products ever) to join Shaklee: ​

• Learn how to live healthier with a healthier body. ​

• Free trips paid by Shaklee. ​

• Free car program. ​

• Bonuses and more Bonuses. ​

• Tax benefits galore. ​

Have you considered telling your friends about your Shaklee business? ​ When we started our Shaklee business over 49 years ago, little did my friend, Mary, know I was LOOKING for a home-based business. ​ I had a full-time job, a husband and four grade school aged kids. ​ But I was looking for something for the future. ​ I started by trying the Basic H and Scour Off and then branched into the food supplements. ​ No inventory to buy. ​ No expensive or extensive training to worry about. ​ I just started using the Shaklee products and telling my friends about my results. ​ ​ When Ken and I and our kids all saw the difference, we had to mention it to others. ​ And that was in the days before computers and cell phones. ​ How much easier is it to learn and earn now that we have computers and the internet. ​ If you have any thoughts of starting your Shaklee business, contact me soon. ​ I will show you how easy it is to learn about Shaklee. ​