Several years ago, I was kicked out of my cave​ and lost my job as a Systems Research Analyst. ​ I didn’t know at that time but it was a great way to get out of my cave and consider the possibilities of new types of income for my family. ​ ​ What I most wanted was time to do what I like best, being outdoors with my family and, yes that includes bear hunting. ​ So in my pursuit for a way to stay at home with my children and have the income I had been used to in my real job, I found a company that shares my vision and values.

Then I found these products. I market an elite line of natural products for health and home concerns. ​ I specialize in products for people like me, savvy moms who know that taking care of themselves is their best investment and taking care of their family is the best insurance.

Before these products, I was tired due to my working mom’s schedule. ​ My energy level would bottom out and I consumed several cups of coffee and diet pop. ​ I tried other natural products from another company. ​ Although they gave me a temporary boost, they also depleted my body of essential nutrients that help keep the body in balance. ​ I felt like I was hibernating, my stress level was high, and life was dismal. ​ I was stopped in my tracks! ​ I needed to put my body back in balance. ​ I realized how important an investment in my health was.

Within a few short months I had energy as a mama bear to keep up with a busy lifestyle, my stress level has reduced significantly, and no more growling at my family!

Even though I own my own business, I am part of an expanding international team. ​ We work with a solid business plan personalized to our own individual strengths, time and financial resources. ​ We build our business around what we like to do and the kind of people we like working with. ​ It’s a way to make money for now and build for the future. Do you know an entrepreneurial mom with experience in direct sales and network marketing who’s tired of the usual MLM sales model? ​

Do you know a savvy mom who only wants high end products for the best results for her health and her family’s health? ​ Do you know a savvy mom who wants a schedule which accommodates her family? ​ If you do or would like more information yourself, call me or shoot me an email. ​