Hello! ​ ​ Thanks for visiting my website!! ​ My husband and I ​ have been using Shaklee products since 2011 and just LOVE all of their products. ​ I simply started with the organic all-purpose cleaner Basic H2 and began learning and trying more. ​ Basically replaced all of the toxic products in our home within 2 years, with natural organic everyday products, food, and even water! ​ WHO KNEW???

Shaklee's products are and have always been BEYOND ORGANIC. ​ From Cleaning products and water to beauty products and vitamins. ​ Speaking of VITAMINS -DID YOU KNOW??? ​ Dr. Shaklee invented the very FIRST multivitamin in 1915. That's how this all started!

Products are developed by scientists, researchers, and doctors based on what the human body REALLY needs for true health. ​ Shaklee also has over 90 published peer-reviewed clinical studies in medical journals.

I would love to help guide you in your new health journey, ​ that can help you live a longer and healthier life AND look younger longer as well!


Boosting your immune system couldn't be easier with Shaklee's Immunity Products. Now YOU and the kids can pop Elderberry gummies, Chew a Vitamin C tablet, make an Immunity Boosting Breakfast with our new Elderberry MEAL Shake, or take a convenient packet of our NEW PATENT PENDING Triple Defense Immunity to add to water and drink ANYTIME!!!

ME + Ology for Adults & now KIDS TOO!!! ​ A personalized multi-nutrient packet with YOUR name on it. ​ Containing all of the vitamins, minerals, Omega's, and Probiotics that your body needs everyday. ​ Take the ME + Ology evaluation and choose which packet of specifically chosen nutrients you would like. ​ Kids ME+Ology not only has THEIR name on the package, but they can choose from over a dozen characters to their personalized daily packet. Our granddaughter's says Hi Daisy and under that she has a UNICORN! ​ You can change the character each month if you'd like! ​

If you are local to Avon, Ohio, please stop in my store anytime - Rain Barrels N' MORE, for more information, or just give me a Call.

Have a GREAT day, hope to see you soon!!

Ann Gedeon