Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. I am here to help you live and look younger longer. ​ ​ ​

My Story

Shaklee came into my life 45 years ago. ​ I can honestly say that it has been a huge blessing! ​ I could hardly believe there would be a company that exactly matched my own philosophy. ​ "WHAT YOU THINK, YOU LOOK; WHAT YOU THINK, YOU DO; WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE." ​ Those were Dr. Shaklee's words.

Shortly after I joined as a member I had the good fortune of meeting the doctor on the back steps of the stage on which he had been appearing. ​ ​ I was greeted with a big hug and his booming voice greeting my friend and me. ​

Before using the Shaklee products, I had already become interested in living as healthy a life as I knew was possible. ​ I wanted to be the best mother and wife and we went to great lengths to find organically grown food. ​ I had tried other supplements but never really saw any results. ​ We started with the multiple Vita Lea and Instant Protein drink. ​ At the end of the first month, my husband noticed that his rash had disappeared. ​ We had already visited three skin doctors with no results. ​ Also, the texture of his hair became soft and it had been brittle. ​ I noticed that I didn't want to lie on the couch after supper anymore. ​ I suddenly had many more hours in my day.

People had already been calling me for nutritional advice for years and now I was so excited that I could recommend a specific product that really works. ​ My husband and I will soon reach the age of 80 and we are happy that we are on NO medications. ​ We look forward to each new day in antiicipation of the joy of helping others feel better and look younger longer!

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My Team

One of the great things about Shaklee is that I get to work with some amazing people…my friends! They’re people from all walks of life – some used work in Corporate America, others work from home. Still others work in the public sector and do their Shaklee business on the side.

But there is a common denominator…we’re all guided some key principles:

  • WE do what’s right.
  • WE see the big picture.
  • WE recycle.
  • WE are coachable.
  • WE keep it real.
  • WE see beyond obstacles.
  • WE put “we” above “me.”
  • WE succeed by dedicating ourselves to the dreams of others.
  • WE love helping you become the person you were born to be. ​

My Trips

Like a lot of people, I decided to build a business with Shaklee because I love the products. It’s easy for me to share something I already love with others.


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