My name is Kelli and I’m addicted to learning and spreading the word about the benefits of optimal nutrition and detoxing your life.

Give me a can of garbonzo beans and whatever is left in your fridge and I’ll make you a meal and light a candle. A small town girl planted in the heart of Los Angeles all the while making connections (always 6 degrees of separation from Minnesota).

I have been an entrepreneur/stay at home mom for 30 years promoting health and wellness plus pushing broccoli and Shaklee supplements to my kids while I preaching that just about anything can be cured with a few doses of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, baking soda and my beloved Shaklee Basic H.

At the age of 50 we left our comfortable life in Minnesota, traveled across country with our youngest kids and neurotic cat “Soochie” to the place my husband I first met, sunny southern California. Home is now our cozy bungalow near downtown Burbank.

You want to know what makes me happy? You know the song the girl scouts sing, “Make new friends but keep the old…one is silver and the other gold”? I’m meeting the most wonderful friends in this chapter of my life and still staying close to my dear Minnesota friends. Our little guest house is always ready for out of town friends and family.

Entering my “Chapter 3” I want to encourage other women to feel comfortable being themselves, linking arms to affirm and encourage each other. We all have different gifts. Moment by moment, progress not perfection.

Not sure where to start? Contact me, or take the Shaklee Healthprint Quiz.