Welcome! I'm Jen Lindley, founder of Happy Healthy Roots. Thank you for visiting my website. I am here to help you and your loved ones live and look younger longer. Not sure where to start? Contact me,or take the Shaklee Healthprint Quiz.

How I became a happy, healthy mama again...

Shortly after my 35th birthday I started to experience a lot of health problems. My muscles were always sore, my joints were achy, I was getting sick a lot, and I was continually fatigued. The fast pace of my stressful corporate job, coupled with trying to stay active with my two young children, was beginning to catch up to me. I was taking unhealthy shortcuts in meal planning and stopped listening to the warning signs that my body was trying to tell me. A year later, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. Western medicine's approach to my particular disease was to attack the symptoms, not the source, and so I reluctantly agreed to taking weekly treatments of low-dosage chemo to lower my body's immune response. The result: my symptoms had reduced only slightly, and I spent my days exhausted, nausiated, and devoid of any energy to enjoy life. I needed to find another way...

I met with a nutritionist who specialized in integrative, natural approaches to healing the body. She reminded me that over 70% of your immune system comes from your gut, so if you change what you put into your body, you change your body's immune response. I started to eat healthier again, focusing on an anti-inflammatory diet and eliminating foods that didn't have a high nutritional rate of return. I drank more water and began a regimen of vitamins and supplements that gave my body what it needed on the cellular level. The results were nothing less than miraculous. Within less than 2 weeks, my symptoms started to dramatically reduce, I had energy again, the glow and shine started to come back to my skin and hair, and I was able to stop taking ALL of the maintenance drugs that had been prescribed by my rheumatologist (including the chemo!). Now, in my 40's, I feel healthier, happier and more energetic than I have in the last two decades.

My journey back to good health has led me to be an enthusiastic ambassador for the importance of nutritional education. The products we use, the foods we consume, our knowledge of ingredients, and the ability to provide our bodies with essential vitamins and trace-minerals hold the key to optimum health and the quality of life that we all deserve. I'm passionate about helping my friends and family make smart, educated choices about what we should put into our bodies and use in our homes to achieve proactive health and wellness. Discovering Shaklee has given me the best of both worlds: a platform by which I can teach the importance of health and wellness to those I care about AND a high-quality product line that exemplifies my ideals for the best combination of natural ingredients and leading scientific research.

I’d love to help you feel better too! Contact me using the link above or use the SHOP tab to order right away.

My Awesome Team

One of the great things about Shaklee is that I get to work with some amazing people…my friends! My teammates are a beautiful mosaic of people of all ages from all walks of life – some used to work in corporate America, others work from home. We're made up of former school teachers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, government employees, and stay-at-home moms. Some have made full-time careers from their Shaklee business while some continue in their chosen careers and do their Shaklee business on the side.

No matter our path, there is a common denominator…we’re all guided by some key principles:

  • WE do what’s right.
  • WE see the big picture.
  • WE recycle.
  • WE love to have fun!
  • WE keep it real.
  • WE see beyond obstacles.
  • WE put “we” above “me.”
  • WE succeed by dedicating ourselves to the dreams of others.
  • WE love helping you become the person you were born to be.


Like a lot of people, I decided to build a business with Shaklee because I love the products. It’s easy for me to share something I already love with others. Why not get paid to do it, right? Once I got started, I learned that if I put in the effort, I could earn incredible trips, and the cash bonuses I make have allowed our family the extra budget to elevate our vacation experiences.

Shaklee has taken its distributors around the world! Places like Paris, Bali, and Tuscany just to name a few. They’ve also stayed in some of the most fabulous beachside resorts in Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean. And when you travel "Shaklee style", it’s always five-star. Dream destinations with experiences usually reserved for the rich and famous.

The only thing that tops going on a Shaklee trip? Bringing someone else along! Want to go with me on Shaklee’s next trip? Let's talk.


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