When I became an independent distributor for Shaklee I had used and loved the home care and nutrition products since the 1970s, but I have to admit, I had always been my own best customer. Yes, my profile pic is from the very day I was first introduced to Shaklee at a house party in Seattle's University District all those years ago.

Having the personal website is awesome. It allows me to answer people's questions quickly and reach an unlimited number of people everywhere.

It's a joy to share Shaklee with those I love and people around the world. I hope you'll add my page to your Favorites: pws.shaklee.com/jaynie/jaynie

There is a business opportunity with Shaklee and there are those who make a substantial living with it. But I am perfectly happy to simply have you as a retail customer. Seriously.

No membership required. No strings attached. Period.

Even better is that if you buy any Shaklee product and you don't like it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund -- no questions asked. That's the guarantee.

No hassle - ever. No one (not me, not anyone else) is going to bug you to join anything. Okay?

Simple, straightforward, you can buy the Shaklee products like any other retail products online from me.

If at some point you want to join and get a 15% discount on your purchases, you are welcome to do that, but it is not required.

Check things out. Happy shopping!

Thanks for visiting my website. I am here to help you live longer and look younger longer. Not sure where to start? Contact me, or take the Shaklee Healthprint Quiz.