The Prove It Challenge is something I highly recommend whether you are new to Shaklee or have been using the products for a while. ​ My husband, Larry and I just completed the 7 day cleanse portion of the system. Larry lost 10 pounds! ​ I lost 6 pounds and 2 inches off of my belly! We are now taking a daily shake and vitamin strip. ​ More energy, deeper sleep, cravings resolved and a better metabolism are a few of the benefits we have observed.

Over 40 years ago, during my teenage years, healthy living and healthy products resolved my fatigue, eating disorder, headaches, allergies, IBS and depression. Time and time again these products have worked like magic for me! Being a bit of a science nerd, I have always been impressed with the level of scientific proof and dedication to safety Shaklee upholds. Now, in my 60's I ​ can honestly say I have the most vitality ​ ever and like to joke, I am "aging" backwards.!

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