Hi, and thanks for stopping by. I am Michele Goodall, a holistic nutrition consultant and healthy lifestyle mentor with a twenty-two year track record of helping people look and feel better than they have in years. I am based in Orange County, CA in a Huntington Beach office, where I consult people from all over in person or via phone chats. I founded LifeQuest Health with the mission to spread the word about simple changes each one of us can make to protect ourselves from common diseases and give us a longer, healthier, more vibrant life. Contact me to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consult to help you get started. I simply ask some questions about your current eating pattern, energy levels, sleep patterns, daily stress load and any discomforts you are experiencing. Then I give easy to follow recommendations (or as I say, "healthy steps") to get you feeling dramatically better! Supplements I may recommend to fill in nutrition deficiencies come with a "Feel better in 30 days or your money back" guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

If you would like to host a Lunch Chat, Smoothie Tasting, or "Prove It Challenge" to get yours paid for, I can help.

Ready for a healthier you? Looking forward to hearing from you. Call or text me (805)423-2064.