Our Shaklee journey started when I was a child. ​ My parents joined Shaklee when I was young, so I grew up using the products. ​ I remember taking the Vita Lea and mom always used the cleaners and laundry in our home. ​ It was not until we got married and purchased laundry detergent that we discovered we both were allergic to the chemicals! ​ Not a fun experience. ​ Just take my word for it :) ​ So in January of 1999 we decided to join ourselves after getting product from my parents for a period of time. ​ Although we strayed from time to time early on, thinking that we could find "just as good" products for less, we always came back to Shaklee. ​ Nothing comes close. ​ And let me tell you, we are so glad that we came back. ​ When our son was 6 months old he caught the croup from a gym nursery. ​ I would not wish that on my worst enemy. ​ Scary couple of days, but in the end he was able to regain his health. ​ We were, although, the proud parents of a Nebulizer and a lengthy supply of steroids til he was 2 years old. ​ This bothered us to no end and we kept working to find a better solution. ​ We were able to strengthen his immune system by adding some supplements daily. ​ We began adding a probiotic, chewable multi and vitamin C, garlic (which he began to swallow) and alfalfa (crushed up into juice or apple sauce). ​ It also helped that all our cleaners and laundry was of course Shaklee. ​ No chemicals helped tremendously. ​ So within 2 years we got rid of the steroids and that stinky Nebulizer for good! ​ Our son has one of the best immune systems I have ever seen. ​ Please

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