​ ​ Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. ​ Since 1997, I've been operating Good And Green, helping people feel good, and live green. ​ I'd love to help you bring your health to the next level, too! ​ ​ ​ ​ Start with the PROVE IT CHALLENGE! ​ It's the perfect way to shake up your health and kick start a healthier lifestyle. ​ #liveeachday and #liveitwell ​ ​

My Story

​ BEFORE 1997:

🤦‍♀️I didn't think I was overweight, but I carried an extra 30 lbs.

🤦‍♀️I didn't think I was tired, but I had less energy than now.

🤦‍♀️I knew I had some hormonal issues (sorry, maybe tmi, but monthly cycles were awful! I missed a day of school or work pretty much every month.)

🤦‍♀️I had headaches, but that was pretty normal, right? ​

🤦‍♀️I had severe acne. Actually, it was worse than most. Between grade 9 and 10.... that was a tough year. ​

🤦‍♀️I had digestive health issues, and had to avoid certain foods. ​

🤦‍♀️I had annual bouts of bronchitis, and several rounds of pneumonia and mono. But I always got better, and didn't realize how weak my respiratory and immune systems were. ​ ​

But then, after a few years of trying medications and different remedies, I had a choice to make. ​ I was at a crossroads with my health. ​ I choose to fight for health. ​ I got more serious about eating real food. ​ I started to fuel my body with the right things. I did the right kind of detox. ​ ​

22 years later.

✔4 healthy pregnancies. ​

✔Homeschooling 3 littles.


✔No headaches

✔Happy hormones

✔Steady energy

✔Sleeping soundly

✔Sick...can't remember the last time?!

✔No more digestive issues

✔Abs are better than ever, and muscle tone keeps improving. (I know, that might seem vain, but it FEELS healthy to me!! And I love it. Especially at "my age!" ) ​

I am not chasing the fountain of youth. But I am grateful for this reality check. I am grateful to #liveeachday and #liveitwell. ​

I am proof that lifestyle matters. Food matters. Choices matter. The right nutrition matters.

If we offered you simple tools and a huge support group, would you Prove It too? It just takes 5 seconds to ask about the Prove It Challenge. It could change your life. ​

My Team

One of the great things about Shaklee is that I get to work with some amazing people – my friends! They’re people from all walks of life. Some used to work in corporations, others work from home. Still others work in the public sector and do their Shaklee business on the side.

But there is a common denominator – we’re all guided some key principles:

  • WE​ do what’s right.
  • WE see the big picture.
  • WE recycle.
  • WE are coachable.
  • WE keep it real.
  • WE see beyond obstacles.
  • WE put “we” above “me.”
  • WE succeed by dedicating ourselves to the dreams of others.
  • WE love helping you become the person you were born to be. ​

My Trips

Like a lot of people, I loved the Shaklee products and what they did for me. ​ I was also in a place where I needed to increase income but I really didn't want to work 9 to 5 forever. ​ ​ I wasn't sure if Shaklee was the right fit for me, so I started with the simple goal to be able to pay for what I needed. ​ That was easy, because I was able to do that by sharing something I trusted to positively impact the lives of others. ​ I didn't mean to earn trips, but as I kept sharing, I started earning trips! ​ ​ And once I got started, I learned that if I put in the effort, I could earn INCREDIBLE trips on top of the cash bonuses I made.

Shaklee has taken us around the world! Places like Paris, Africa and China just to name a few. They’ve also treated us to stays in some of the most fabulous beachside resorts in Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean. I've been on almost 20 all expense paid trips with Shaklee so far! ​ And when we travel with Shaklee, it’s always five-star. Places I would never have treated myself to, but experiences I will also be grateful for!!

The only thing that tops going on a Shaklee trip? Bringing someone else along! Want to go with me on Shaklee’s next trip? Let's talk.


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