Thank you for stopping by our website. We are Marilyn & Ron Birkenmeier and have been providing personal service to our Shaklee Friends for over 40 years. We have 2 grown sons with healthy, happy families and 4 wonderful grandchildren.

I (Marilyn) had worked as a Registered Nurse and after our first son was born we stopped to do the math on what it would cost for day Care, 40-minute commute each way to work at the hospital and juggle our lives around both of our work schedules. Plus, we owned and managed several rental properties and had family and church activities as well.

Ron worked as a General Contractor with his office in our home. It was nice for him to work on bids and make phone calls from home after being out on jobs all day rather than staying at an outside office late into the evenings. We liked the convenience of working from home.

One day a family member asked us to try the Shaklee Vita Lea Multivitamins and within the week we had already noticed a difference from our usual 1-A-Day Vitamins. . . . That's when we were curious about many of the other products to help make our bodies and our homes more healthy. We were excited about how we felt and wanted to tell everyone we met. We had been looking for just the right "vehicle" to be of service to others, work from home and make as much income as we wanted to make. . . . The rest is history.

Enough about us. . . . It's really all about YOU!

It's about meeting people like you . . . about listening to YOUR needs. . . about seeing if you are looking for new options . . . it's about seeing if there is a fit between YOUR needs/goals and the Shaklee products &/or income opportunity benefits. It's about letting YOU choose if this is something YOU want.

We are always here for YOUR Well-Being. Our mission is to provide YOU with a level of personal service that matches the high quality of Shaklee products & philosophy. We want YOU to know there's a person behind the website waiting to assist YOU.

I have become known as the 'GO-TO-GIRL" for HEALTH and WELLNESS. People do not know where to go . . . who to trust . . . and who they can depend upon. . . . Now they have found that in us.

Would you like to talk to a real live person who has over 40 years experience benefiting and sharing the benefits of products in harmony with nature and good healt?

Would you like A FREE SHAKLEE PRODUCT GUIDE? There will be a Product Guide on this website as well but it is often nice to have a "hard copy".

Contact us by email or phone: 800-878-6904. You can find us on Facebook at Marilyn Birkenmeier, a business page entitled "Giving Options to Life's Dreams" or ask to be a part of our Shaklee Facebook Group.

We also have a Hubsite where you can access more helpful information and sign up for our Wellness Center. Just go to:

We offer NUMEROUS benefits to all of our Shaklee Friends: 1. FREE Newsletter by requesting our E-Newsletter; 2. SAVINGS of 15% off Retail when becoming a Shaklee Member; 3. Personalized service from Marilyn via phone or email and so much more !

Shaklee is a great way to make a living; can provide a wonderful lifestyle; and a great way to help others obtain the lifestyle they want.

PHYSICALLY: We have enjoyed optimal health for many years. We've only needed 1 or 2 prescription medications in the past 25+ years. (That goes for us AND our 2 sons.) That's right! ONLY 1-2 Prescription drugs needed for over 25 years! With Shaklee's high quality food supplements, pure herbal products, and living a healthy but realistic lifestyle we have been able to maintain a healthy immune system. We listen to the signals our body gives us and call on the Shaklee products when cold, flu, menopausal or joint problems try to sneak into our lives.

ENVIRONMENTALLY: Shaklee has safe and effective household cleaners (Basic-H2 and Basic-G) as well as safe and very pleasant laundry products with no harsh perfumes or fillers. And if you are a fan of the original "blue" original Basic-H Classic . . . it is still available through my office. We have a "Get Clean" Water Starter Pack that contains all you need for healthier, great-tasting water. (Of course the pitcher is BPA free) It filters more than 5,000 8 oz glasses of water at just over a penny a glass. (Item code 89113)

FINANCIALLY: Shaklee has provided an excellent opportunity for a home-based business to build a career, have flexibility of office hours, and an unlimited income resource helping others as we are helping ourselves. PLUS a residual income for our retirement and to pass down to our children. There is an opportunity for New Members to earn $100,000.00 in 15 months. . . . or . . . maybe just an extra $50 to $500 a month would help pay the bills. The opportunities are many and the decisions are up to YOU. How many people do you know who have to meet deadlines and have goals set for them so that their EMPLOYER can make the extra $500/month or $100,000 in 15 months? Now YOU (or someone you know) can be the one who make it.

Shaklee's committment to scientific integrity in their products and their philosophy of doing business by the Golden Rule, is what has impressed us with this company. For over 65 years Shaklee has been a leader in health and wellness. Shaklee products are the best in their categories. All clinically proven to work safely, effectively and better than what you'll find in stores. You're going to love these products! Plus - they come with an Unconditional Money-back Guarantee. Would you like to take a closer look? We are looking forward to meeting you, answering your questions and letting you decide if SHAKLEE is the "vehicle" you have been praying for.