As a previous Intervention Specialist, I've spent the last ten years working with children and adults with significant special needs. I've always desired to have an impact on every individual that crosses my path.


I am also well aware of how difficult it is to do a job PLUS take care of my own physical and mental health. I've realized that self-care MUST be non-negotiable in life first before tending to others. This realization catapulted me into taking a risk I never thought possible - stepping out of the traditional “9-5” public school teaching.

While this risk seemed scary, I had been doing the research and training for my health. Like the “typical” teaching job, I was forever learning and educating myself on the changes I needed to make for my well-being. I knew the stakes of this transition from a career to entrepreneurship, but also knew the difference I felt in my mindset and emotional wellness. When I adequately took care of my physical health (just simple, small changes!), I could not only make it through the day, I took it by storm.

Because of this, I have since turned to coaching others to do the same - physical wellness, emotional wellness, financial wellness...whatever it is you're looking for.

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