Hello! ​ I am Dr. Yolanda Whyte, MD. ​ I am a pediatrician and environmental health consultant and I want to thank you for visiting my Wellness site. ​ I am dedicated to helping your child achieve optimal health through nutritional and other supports through every stage of development, from the prenatal period through adulthood.

This is why I decided to partner with Shaklee. ​ We share the same commitment to well-being and eco-healthy lifestyle that is centered on minimizing your toxin burden. ​ ​

Providing access to products that are safe, natural, organic, non-GMO and free pesticides and other harmful contaminants, complements the recommendation I offer to parents of informed decision-making. ​ This means choosing products after assessing the risks, benefits and other relevant information.

Furthermore, as my pediatric consultations exceed medical standards, Shaklee products are backed by quality clinical studies, exceeding industry standards. ​ Beneficial partnerships help you to succeed, and supersede your health goals.