Hi! Thanks for visiting my website . . . congratulations for being proactive on your path to wellness and the right to thrive. We all know our modern lifestyles have gotten us off the right track to healing—fast foods, a polluted environment, stress, etc. Nature's resources—whole foods, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other natural bounties—are specifically designed for our immune systems. Of course, exercise and the positive emotional well-being components matter too to maintain optimal health.

My true passion is sharing the gift of health. I was looking for freedom (a home-based business!) after many years in corporate America. My journey led me to partner with Shaklee, a company that focuses on well care instead of sick care. My husband is a pharmacist and is impressed with the Shaklee science and especially how the products changed our lives for the better. I was that person to get bronchitis a few times a year. I wish I knew then the power of filling in nutritional gaps. Dr. Shaklee always said "The body will heal itself when given what it needs." I've seen that over-and-over again with my clients—so rewarding!

The best product Shaklee offers is the opportunity. Earning residual income and a business making a real difference in this world offers H&H (health and hope). Many are now passing their businesses onto their children or nieces and nephews—a true testament of loyalty and Shaklee strength in the marketplace.

I am happy to help support you every step of the way, ​ whether it is to improve health with a personal nutrition regimen and/or share more about the Shaklee opportunity. Let's chat via virtual tea or coffee!

To your health and wealth, Lisa