Hi Friends!

Welcome! I am so excited to share Shaklee with you today!

As a mom of 4 growing kiddos I was introduced to try out Shaklee nutrition and vitamins in 2016 by a dear friend who reached out to me.

This brand has truly transformed our lives!

My passion is to help families build amazing health today and for your future, I love sharing safe and effective ​ practical solutions.

It makes me so happy to help you enjoy your day with healthy, clean options that I ​ know will make such a huge difference in today's busy life and schedules.

In 2020, Shaklee introduced a truly groundbreaking way to personalize your nutrition and daily supplements exactly for you. It's called Meology. At Shaklee, we believe you can be your healthiest self when you have a personalized nutrition solution customized for you and your needs. After 60+ years of trail-blazing science we’re revolutionizing personalized nutrition with Meology, a supplement program that is precise and powerful. It’s clinically backed nutrition, that based on 1,000+ factors, knows exactly what you need.

Take your quick assessment and we’ll create the ideal daily plan for you.

I look forward to helping you get started on this incredible path and guiding you through the process!

Welcome to my Shaklee family!


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