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I've been associated with Shaklee for more than 16 years, using the full range of Shaklee nutrition, skincare, personal care and cleaning products. ​ I have been leading Shaklee teams providing marketing and sales support, guiding them and celebrating their successes in building their own businesses, both part and full time. ​

I was first introduced because of ​ the Shaklee quality and proven performance. ​ Each of its 300+ products are manufactured in the United States.

Shaklee's nutrition is recognized for being the most clinically proven in the industry. What a strong testimony to its 65+ year history. ​ The products are market tested for their quality, potency and efficacy. ​ ​ Powerfully effective. ​ Proven results.

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Eating 3 meals a day isn't enough. ​ The way foods are processed, and the added stresses, not just to our environment but in our daily lives, impacts the nutrition we get. ​ Our ​ bodies don't get all the nutrients we need each day. ​ ​ ​ Supplementing with Shaklee's natural vitamins and supplements will help support your daily nutritional regimen. ​

I hope I've piqued your interest. ​