Hi There! ​ Thank you so much for visiting my Shaklee website. I am here to help you live and look younger longer. ​ ​ ​

My Story

began 46 years ago when, to my great fortune, I was born to Shaklee sales leaders, Bob and Lorri Kreuscher.

My name is Amber and thanks to Shaklee nutrition I was raised "prescription free" ... in fact, we were never even given simple things like cough syrup. Mom always had a Shaklee solution!

Shaklee has been a fabulous way of life that I grew up around and I'm now carrying that on to my family. The freedom and flexibility, the world-wide travel, and the joy of helping others is very motivating and inspiring. 

Shaklee can be your "American Dream" as well! ​ It doesn't take money, education, or experience ... "Desire" alone will qualify you. 

So whether you are looking for the ultimate in health enhancing products or have a desire to build your own exciting business .... SHAKLEE CAN DELIVER​ all of this and more! ​ ​

I’d love to help!

Contact me​ using the link above or use the SHOP​ tab to order right away.



Shaklee epitomized the “American Dream”in every way for me. ​ Shaklee meant freedom to be at home with my children while earning an income, freedom to be my own boss, & freedom to grow and develop my own business without limits.

One of the great things about Shaklee is that I get to work with some amazing people…my friends! ​ They’re people from all walks of life – some full time and others do their Shaklee business on the side.

We have a common philosophy that guides us:

  • WE love helping others.
  • WE realize that patience and persistence are the keys to success.
  • WE see beyond obstacles.
  • WE put “we” above “me.”
  • WE succeed by dedicating ourselves to the dreams of others.

Shaklee Adventures

Like a lot of people, I decided to build a business with Shaklee because I love the products. It’s easy for me to share something I already love with others. ​ Why not get paid to do it, right? ​ And once I got started, I learned that if I put in the effort, I could earn INCREDIBLE trips on top of the cash bonuses I make.

Growing up in Shaklee I have many fond memories of going to Hawaii every other summer, traveling to various European destinations, and here we are in Mexico .... all paid for by Shaklee! ​ ​ ​

The only thing that tops going on a Shaklee trip? ​ Bringing someone else along! ​ Want to go with me on Shaklee’s next trip? ​ Let's talk.


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