Hi There! Thanks for visiting my Website. I help those who wish to, from everyday struggles such as weight management, stress, sleep, and preserving the youthfulness of the skin. I fundamentally believe in prevention as a compound effect and thoroughly sought out the company that had the same vision, with the most effective and highest quality products, to do so. Welcome!

My Story

Nutrition is my life!

I lost 30 pounds - without gaining them back over 30 years ago; I overcame my health challenges through diet and supplements, and more recently I discovered that our nutrition and lifestyle habits have a major impact on our healthy aging.

Then the unprecedented happened, I lost my job and found myself as a single mom with 2 teens, trying to figure out how to manage everything.

It was while searching for a new way to live and make it through that I found Shaklee after 5 months of seeking!

I immediately tried the Welcome to Wellness Kit and felt alive again!

I felt younger inside, more energetic, more focused and even in a much better mood!

I went through all this; I went beyond it; I developed a Good Health Charter, the In Shape For Life program and today I am sharing my experience with you.

I provide you with this program, I build with you your best nutrition plan completely personalized to you, so that you too can show up at your Best-Self!

My 3 months In Shape For Life (@enformavie) personalized program with recipes booklet, support group and 6 hours of coaching is free for my customers!

I’d love to help you truly feel better! Do not hesitate to contact me using the link above, or use the SHOP tab to order right away.

My Cleanse

I loved my cleanse experience: a week of fruits and vegetables; in fact, I found it so energizing that I do it every 6 months and I can't get enough of it: the results are there!

Taking a week to cleanse your body, for those who feel up to the challenge... is a great way to reconnect with your health! For a week we eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, of all colors! This allows the metabolism to rest because the digestion of fruits and vegetables does not require too much energy from our body. Thanks to the fibers we really clean the digestive system, and for those who are Keto or Diabetic, the fibers in large quantities lower the glycemia index ​

My results are always the same and here they are:

Increased energy;

Glowing skin;

General well-being;

Improved sleep;

More fluid thought and

Weight loss for those who wish : we'll choose fruits and vegetables accordingly.

Try it ! ​ 🤩

My Trips

Like a lot of people, I decided to build a business with Shaklee because I love the products and I know the power of nutrition.

It’s easy for me to share something I already love with others. And once I got started, I learned that if I put in the effort, I could earn INCREDIBLE trips on top of the cash bonuses I make.

Shaklee has taken us around the world! Places like Paris, Bali, and Tuscany just to name a few. They’ve also treated us to stays in some of the most fabulous beach-side resorts in Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. And when we travel with Shaklee, it’s always five-star. Dream destinations with experiences usually reserved for the rich and famous.

This year I am going to Paradisius Playa Del Carmen !! And I am so excited about it !!!

The only thing that tops going on a Shaklee trip? Bringing someone else along!

Want to go with me on Shaklee’s next trip?

Let's talk.


Why would someone want to join my team?

The Compensation Plan is essential of course! We all need to pay our bills and we have different levels of Time and Income that we want to meet. But what path do we choose, to get there?

And that path is, in my opinion, essential. What is the vision that drives us, why do we do what we do, where are we going with our business? I believe that it is the answer to these questions, that make us feel good in a team, or not.

My Mission is to help those who wish to be helped from everyday pain and to do so through prevention. My long-term vision is that we all build together: A Long-Life Complex...!

I fundamentally believe in prevention and I looked for the company that had the same vision and the most effective and highest quality products for this.

I love working with dedicated, motivated, ambitious, ethical, compassionate, selfless, authentic, people; people who love relationships and communication; people who are clearly and truly determined to succeed and willing to be persistent and patient - because you don't build a business by snapping your fingers!

Building a business takes renewed enthusiasm on a daily basis over time, as well as the development of the skills we lack.

Do you recognize yourself? Do you share the same love of nutrition, daily health, and longevity, and do your values match mine? You are ready to make the required efforts in the long run? Contact me!!!

I would love to meet with you and help you achieve your Growth and Journey to the Sun goals! ​ Together on the beach in Los Cabos celebrating: that would be amazing!!! ​ 🏖☀️😍


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